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The registration of institutions and their courses gives confidence to students, parents, employers, Government and all stakeholders, that training content, student assessment and certification meet specified standards. Students and parents are able to identify recognized training providers and courses. Institutions benefit as the registration and subsequent guidance by the TVEC helps improve the internal and external efficiency of the training provided by them. Recognition by the Government consolidates the status of training institutions thus improving their access to resource support from various agencies. The Government is able to achieve its objective of maintaining an effective training system that can meet the human resources needs of the economy.
Registration of training institution is done according to the clause No. 14 of Tertiary and Vocational Education Act no. 20 of 1990. The criteria for the institution registration were gazetted in the government gazette (extraordinary) No. 887/8, dated 7th September 1995 to assure the quality and relevance of TVET sector in the country. Adequacy and relevance of infrastructure, training equipment, teacher qualification, curricula and training delivery are evaluated at the registration stage